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About Mind Fit

Change management is a feared phrase in many boardrooms. But change is inevitable and we at Mind Fit have a passion for helping people and businesses change and succeed. If you want to grow and be stronger then we want to help you achieve it using the best resource you have – your people.

Mind Fit was born out of the need to make training and coaching interventions more robust and impactful on individuals and organisations to meet business needs. For too long interventions had only provided the ‘know-what’ leaving people with knowledge but not how to implement it. We set out to build on that knowledge by adding the ‘know-how’ and taking personal actions to do it.

We are at the leading edge of positive psychology with a simple model and approach – Mind Fit – based on focused Natural Learning™, which is used by the very best performers in the world. Our unique process, Learned Powerfulness®, is scientifically sound, business focused, practical and sustainable.

Our unique Mind Fit programmes address a wide range of personal and team issues. The additional power of our process comes from our integrated approach to traditional Business Fit and Knowledge Fit training programmes delivered by experts in their own specialist field.

As Learned Powerfulness® would suggest, we don’t stop learning and with Graham Williams, the ‘architect’ of the Mind Fit process, we continue to develop the process so that we bring the very best of solutions to our customers through our network of licensed consultants.

We look forward to you coming aboard and taking the journey for yourself.

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