Mind Fit Testimonials

The Mind Fit programme is accredited and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)  – here are a few comments from employees and employers.

 I have assessed numerous programmes and processes over the years in all different types of organisations. I have seen mixed results. I was not prepared for what happened over three months within shop floor production staff. The result was staggering in all areas. Not only did production improve to an amazing level but the method of working and the initiatives taken were driven by everyone on the production line. This resulted in a team of people cooperating and collaborating together for the benefit of them and the company. They became totally engaged.ILM Endorsed.

Assessor Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

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This was a team that was totally dysfunctional and nobody knew what to do. Various professionals and specialists had been involved and people had been sent on a variety of training courses. None of this made any noticeable difference. There were those in the team who deliberately set out to hi-jack the Mind Fit programme, but they too, converted themselves very early in the process. You had to see it to believe it, and I would not hesitate to recommend the Mind Fit programme to anyone.

Public sector senior management 

Other feedback includes:

National Distribution Group, Operations Director : “Working with the team from Mind Fit has added a new dimension to our business…we managed to ensure that through our structural change we’ve been able to put round pegs in round holes and promote people from within. This means that today we have a vibrant, self-aware management team and a powerful belief throughout the organisation that individuals can progress. This will hold our business in good stead for many years ahead”

Lecturer at Greenwich University: “Mind Fit delivered a workshop for Employability Skills using their approach to my undergraduates at Greenwich University. It really encouraged them to take personal responsibility for their own career development and to work on developing a truly ‘can do’ attitude. The personal growth of all students in such a short time frame was amazing! I can see great value if this was run as a 1st year course as my students are clearly more engaged in their studies and starting early would allow us to build on effective foundations and raise attainment.”

‘Reduced unnecessary work I had by 40% because of analysing what I actually did’

‘Efficiency improved; one operation was reduced from 2 hours 45 minutes to 45 minutes’

‘Three years ago I attended a programme, I hope many others will benefit from his work, as I did.’

‘Productivity improved; a weekly output of fifty units increased to eighty-five’

‘A backlog of outstanding cases, which had existed for five years, was cleared up in seven weeks and £300,000 was recovered’

‘Helped me start my own business’

‘A mundane job which caused a manager stress, was reduced through better focus from 3 hours to one hour’

‘I have taken on new clients and offer a better service’

‘Sickness levels in team have gone down; for example, a person who had been off for work for over 100 days was now back at work’

‘A initiative in the paint shop enabled double the throughput of panels and reduction of waste by 50%’

‘My conversion rate on sales has increased by 50%’

‘The planning exceeded its target and resulted in extra government funding’

‘I am more self confident and in control and I stopped being a perfectionist when there was no need’

‘Meetings are now 60% shorter and more productive’

‘The insights have been staggering. I now realise I can do so much more and really influence things that are important.’

‘Focus on the key elements of performance and develop appropriate tools to facilitate the process of continuous improvement’

‘Very interactive session which leads to real insight and change. Not just another information programme… It’s much more. People are encouraged to participate without being pressured in any way’

‘Learn about tackling difficult situations using appropriate questioning techniques and learning to use controlled emotions effectively’

‘Showed me many leadership styles. Helped me to develop my own style of can do’

‘Reflected on my strengths and weakness – strengths that I did not know existed and weaknesses, which I have changed’

‘Thought provoking, and helped me to maximise my sales opportunities’

‘I am more self confident and in control and I stopped being a perfectionist when there was no need’