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Mind Fit Science

Science underpins the Mind Fit process – something of what we all do on a daily basis is subconsciously driven even though we don’t acknowledge it – walking to work, driving, tie a shoelace. We focus on a similar action based process rather than knowledge based.

Mind Fit Ltd - Developing 'can do' people.Our understanding of the human brain is still in its infancy however, neuroscience is starting to unravel the complexity of our minds and its interrelated systems. Humans are narrative beings and understanding the relationship between our brain and behaviour intrigues our natural curiosity.

Of course, simple stories are useful but we do have to acknowledge that our emotions, thinking and behaviour are all influenced by our genes, the environment, our thoughts, real or perceived, and the choices that we make. We are complex beings and exist in a complex world.

Neuroscience is the study of our nervous system and with the advancement in technology relating to brain mapping we can start to see what parts of the brain are activated when we are excited, scared, make choices, make decisions or perform mental tasks. This new information, linked to psychology is opening up new possibilities which enable people to change and adapt. The brain remains malleable throughout our life and if we use it we can grow and develop our personal strengths and develop new ones. We can use our mind to enhance our working and personal lives.

We can use it to become Mind Fit.

Unfortunately, many people develop a negative mindset which renders them either helpless or defensive. People are not born helpless or defensive but learn, unconsciously and automatically, to behave this way, maybe through a bad experience or negative feedback from a parent or teacher.

The good news is that if you learn to behave in a negative ‘can’t do’ or ‘won’t do’ manner you can learn to become a ‘can do’ person. And it is surprisingly simple. With a personal map and a few ‘tools and techniques’ a person can quickly move to a Mind Fit state and know how to stay there.

The process measures a person’s mindset, characteristics and behaviours. It links changes in attitude and behaviour to business results.

We leverage the science of Mind Fit so people create added value and new value to your business.

Linking the Mind Fit process to business imperatives enables a company to move forward in a fast and dynamic manner. Mind Fit people are high performers, more productive and where relevant, more profitable.

Mind Fit people make great leaders!

Learned Helplessness® is frequently talked about in boardrooms around the world and we call this ‘can’t do’. The two other states Learned Defensiveness®, ‘won’t do’ and where we all should be operating in Learned Powerfulness®, ‘can do’.

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