Mind Fit the prequel to training

Mind Fit is the prequel to any intervention and training

The Mind Fit process is not training. It is as different to training as chalk is to cheese.

We get people Mind Fit first then link it to business needs.

Mind Fit - The Prequel To Training.

Unless people have a positive mindset then any other intervention is likely to be costly and unsustainable.

From the outset we measure performance, and we work in a completely different dimension from training organisations. These are the main differences:

  • Our focus is on ‘Improving Performance’, not giving knowledge.
  • Performance improvement can and will be measured.
  • We pull out from people those innate assets which enable people to perform productively rather than push knowledge in.
  • We use a whole brain approach rather than just the cognitive brain.
  • We use mostly ‘natural learning’ rather than ‘educated learning’.
  • We support people as they tackle the challenges faced by individuals and organisations, not leave them with information.

We develop ‘Can Do’ people and link that positive mindset to your business. Our programmes are action based not knowledge based. They are about people ‘doing’ rather than ‘knowing’.  Business improvement comes from people taking the right action, not having attended a training event.

With Mind Fit, Knowledge Fit and Business Fit working in harmony there will be no stopping you or your organisation.
Click here for how the value can be measured – Kirkpatrick (1959)

Mind Fit programmes

Programs we run and the ROI