The ‘Alternative Coaching Conference’

The ‘Alternative Golf Coaching Conference’

have more fun and reduce your scorecard

Calling ALL golfers in southern England…

5 Coaches + One Day = Change the way you approach your game forever!!!

Mind Fit Golf is hosting a unique day for golfers at Chichester Golf Academy. This first event brings together 5 innovative coaches who will change the way you view your game forever.

Modern golf coaching is:

    • Full of too many specific ideas about what you should do
    • Overrun with technology
    • Struggling with too many conflicting methods
    • Turning golfers away from golf
    • Reducing the enjoyment golfers should be getting from the game
    • Prone to many amateur ‘experts’ helping new golfers
    • Plagued with too many ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches

The time to change is NOW!!!

WHY attend this ‘ALTERNATIVE’ day:

    • Being ‘Mind Fit’ is an essential foundation for learning
    • Be one of the FIRST golfers to experience the beginning of a new movement in golf coaching
    • Using the latest techniques based on what neuroscience is telling us about the brain
    • Understand how to learn NEW skills more effectively
    • Focus on the complete process to improve your game
    • Discover the 3 questions you should ask after every shot
    • Raise your AWARENESS about what you need to do
    • And much more!

Your 5 coaches have over 100 years of combined coaching experience and have discovered simplest ways to improve your performance and enjoyment in golf.

This combined experience and knowledge will guarantee you discover what will work for you. Our focus is on the processes you need to develop your game and not giving you more to think about.

There is already too much information out there and working your way through what will work for you is impossible.

We have found simple ideas that work, process based and not methods. The golf ball only obeys the ‘Laws of Physics’ and does not care how the swing looks. There are some ‘global’ principles that need to be understood and these are much simpler than you would think.

You are unique and your approach to learning is driven by you and helped with a knowledgeable coach who understands you, your skills and how you process information.

Transferring energy into a ball using your body and a stick is the task; the golf ball will tell you what happened and all you have to do understand it –  SIMPLY!!!!!


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Tony Westwood - Golf Pro.Tony Westwood – Director of Mind Fit Golf

Tony has played and coached professionally since 1985 and started playing at the age of 4. He has created a unique 3 step process which guarantees that every golfer who uses will understand more about their golf.

The process is simple and helps the brain to deal with the complexity of the movement. He says “Golf is not easy. The learning process for every golfer can be much simpler than they have been led to believe”

Graham Williams.Graham Williams – The Architect of the Mind Fit process

Graham Williams. Graham has in-depth personal experience of coaching and developing inspirational leaders, high performing teams and exceptional individuals in both work and physical environments.

His sporting achievements encompass alpine mountaineering and as leader of a skydiving team. During his career in the Police Service, he was among the first to embrace a coaching style of leadership and devolved decision-making.

Graham has a real belief that people have a huge potential to grow and deliver far beyond the level they currently operate. His curiosity caused him to seek alternative approaches to developing high performing people, leaders and teams. This journey of discovery encompassed psychology, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP), and other developments.

Brian Sparks ImageBrian Sparks – Founder of Positive Impact Golf

Brian has been coaching golfers for 40 years and has built an extraordinary reputation for demystifying the golf swing and producing golfers with great swings who consistently strike the ball well.

He formed Positive Impact Golf in 2006 and is pioneering the concept of golf coaching based on the belief system.

Brian says ‘we only try to play the game in the way we believe it should be played. We are trying to conform to the ‘proper’ way of doing things.

Richard FishRichard Fish – Alternative Golf Thinking

Is a former European tour player (1978-1990) He achieved some limited success finishing 2nd to Vijay Singh in the Safari Tour Order of Merit in 1988. His failure to fulfil his true potential gave him the motivation to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

It has led him to a place that he could never have even imagined. He is very proud of where he is today. All achieved with a good deal of stubbornness, a very large portion of open-mindedness and some very kind help from a like-minded coach and a good friend, Brian Sparks.

Glen Haynes – Westwood Golf & Mind Fit Golf

RCW2010 Welsh Open Young PGA Professional ChampionshipGlen’s experiences in golf, both as a touring professional and as a coach have combined to develop his enthusiastic but patient approach. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the golf industry, helping players of all ages improve and achieve their goals.

He is continually studying to further his knowledge of golf techniques and learning methods. He utilises the latest technology for his coaching, such as Hi-Speed Video Analysis and PlaneSwing. However, Glen is not a ‘method’ coach and is effective in helping golfers to understand their own unique style, facilitating their learning and development naturally.

Mind Fit Golf will be hosting the ‘Alternative Golf Coaching Conference’ at Chichester Golf Academy on Thursday 12th June.

Golfers of all abilities welcome.

After lunch you will have the opportunity to work with each coach in practical sessions before we host a Q&A Session to end the day.

Special Early Bird booking price of £125 which includes lunch & refreshments.

“I found the combination of Mind Fit and professional golf coaching both fascinating and highly effective. Mind Fit’s explanation and demonstration of the ability we all have to harness our hidden mental capacity, linked to Tony’s very simple but highly effective coaching techniques on the driving range genuinely surprised and delighted me. I have continued to use the routines I picked up that morning – and while I can’t see myself in the Ryder Cup team this year, I am certainly playing with greater confidence and consistency since that session.”     Richard Dennis

Venue: Chichester Golf Club, Hunston Village, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1AX

Date:  Thursday 12th June 2014

Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

Cost: £125 – Early Bird Offer: Book before 25th May 2014
(Standard Price £175)
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Book Now – £125 before 25th May 2014

(The price will rise to £175 at 10:00pm 25th May 2014)


Mind Fit Director of Innovation“Graham introduces a breathtaking model for personal insight into success and performance, a tool for understanding one’s own, and others’ behaviour through his Personal Profile Map.

Graham’s Map opens up the core dynamic that entrepreneurs and leaders in failing organisations must address: the issue of how Helplessness and Defensiveness keeps people trapped in negative cycles of dependency under paternalistic managers; and how this negative energy needs to be transformed into Powerfulness in order to innovate and grow the business.”

Prof. Victor Newman

Professor Of Knowledge & Innovation Management

Note – If for any reason any of the coaches above are unavailable we will replace them with  an equivalent alternative.