7 Reasons Why Golfers Don’t Improve

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7 Reasons Why Golfers Don't Improve

 “Improving your golf is easy if you’re focused and committed. ”  Tony Westwood, PGA Coach and Director of Mind Fit Golf

You may not believe what Tony is saying as you may have heard it all before. All the top professionals will tell you the same thing as Tony says in the above quote – the difference is that while they can tell you what to do to improve (and the list is endless once they get started) Tony and the Mind Fit team will make it so simple that 4 year olds can do it.

But before you start on improvement, here’s a little taster we’ve put together on the top reasons, excuses, explanations…. call them what you want, why golfers don’t, and more to the point, won’t improve.

It’s all a bit of fun, but be prepared for some truths that might hurt. The good news is we can get all this out of the way and when you do start to improve you can look back and smile. AND…there’s more – when your buddies are telling you what went wrong with their last shot or their game …you can have an even bigger smile.


So let’s get started on the reasons why we haven’t a hope of improving.

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