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How to unlock hidden value in your business

“Graham Williams introduces a breath taking model for personal insight into success and performance, a tool for understanding one’s own, and others’ behaviour through his Mind Fit Map.”
Prof Victor Newman

When something is right, it feels right and becomes almost effortless. The same is true in business or your personal life. By learning to do the right things naturally, that is your secret to success!

As Henry Ford said “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”

Would you like to know how to do more of the right things naturally, to gain even greater success?

So how about answering the following:

  • Do you know what you’re doing right?
  • Can you replicate it when needed?
  • Growth needs innovation – so how innovative are you?

To ensure you know how to do the right things easily and when it counts why not join us for a short 3 hour insight on…

3rd October 2012,
at Cargo Edinburgh.
129 Fountainbridge.

With a choice of either a morning or afternoon session.

There you will explore the why and discover some of the ‘how to’ and start your unique journey to being more successful.

Mind Fit is supported by biology, psychology and neuroscience

Every journey needs a map and a destination – we provide the Mind Fit Map and you choose the destination.

The Henry Ford quote is common sense, and we show you how common sense can become your common practise.

Fiona Savage

Delivery Partner for Mind Fit Scotland

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“I have seen many action plans work back in the workplace, but this was different. People interacted dynamically and with mutual respect”
Tony Bentley, MA (HR) External verifying ILM

Mind Fit LTD ILM Recognised Provider.Mind Fit programmes  – the Institute of Leadership & Management Endorsed programmes add value to bespoke management training by providing industry wide recognition from Europe’s largest management and leadership awarding body, without altering the programme content or delivery



Fiona Savage – initially trained as a nurse and worked in the NHS for some years after qualifying. In 1980 she joined the

Pharmaceutical industry gaining experience in sales, training, and coaching. Fiona’s core expertise lies in market readiness and sales management. She has a mix of working in all sectors this includes the charitable sector as Account Director for healthcare and educational help-lines, providing services such as NHS information, counselling and coaching. Her experience ranges from start-up companies to global organisations. Fiona has considerable experience working in cross-cultural, multi-stakeholder environments and see people in the light of their potentials, not their problems. Her skills are developed from having a hands on attitude and is continually ready to test new concepts. Fiona is a MBTI practitioner and runs workshops to build cohesive teams unlocking possibilities and maximise potential for individuals and the organisation enabling them to achieve even greater success. Fiona believes in turning ‘I Can’t’ into ‘I Can’ by slowing down, challenging past assumptions to power up for success in a changing world.