Mind Fit Map and Questionnaire Download

The Mind Fit Map & Questionaire Download

A simple questionnaire you can do yourself and see how Mind Fit your team is

Mind Fit Map.

What attitudes and behaviour prevails in your organisation? For example :

  •  General lack of drive or energy
  •  People tend to be compliant
  •  Present at work but functions without involvement
  •  Easily overwhelmed with workloads or change
  •  High level of sickness

If that’s the case a sense of hopelessness pervades  – Can’t Do = helpless attitude and behaviours – behavioural waste pervades

Or maybe:

  • Clear sense of purpose
  • Driven to succeed by seeking opportunities to add value
  • Sense of confidence, drive, commitment and resilience
  • The ability to connect meaningfully with others
A Can Do attitude – but want to know how you can still improve?


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