Self Assessment Support

Welcome to the Support page for the Mind Fit Self Assessment  App.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced using the App and we will soon have an FAQ and detailed support page.

In the meantime please email your specific enquiry to including any screen shots so that we can quickly solve your issue.

We welcome your feedback on the App and aim to respond to any enquiry as soon as possible so you can continue your journey.


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Mind Fit is supported by neuroscience and psychology

Mind Fit Neuroscience.We utilise this 21st century knowledge of how our mind works.

Mind Fit Psychology.We apply it into everyday actions in the workplace.

Mind Fit Neuroscience.Our brains grow with use so why not use it.

Mind Fit Psychology.People develop a ‘can do’ mindset to perform.

Mind Fit people are…

Mind Fit to think flexibly and appropriately

Mind Fit People.emotionally competent and resilient

Mind Fit People.driven with a real sense of purpose

Mind Fit to connect meaningfully with others

ILM Accredited and Endorsed

ILM Accredited and Endorsed.