Innovate or DIE!

Businesses have to Innovate or DIE! Believe it or is it rubbish – what are your thoughts?

Innovate or DIE is the theme of a joint seminar with Prof Victor Newman and Graham Williams.

Very informative, enjoyable and, unlike many seminars, memorable – I started using the ‘can do’ approach the next day! Victor and Graham delivered the unique material in a most effective and entertaining style. This seminar is a must for all managers/leaders.
Jeff Pedley

Innovate or DieThe world has changed so innovative leaders are making the real difference. Having the time, the opportunity and the right people together to ‘step outside the box’ is proving more and more difficult as companies have become Lean. Anything a leader does now has to have immediate impact or forget it and wait for a better time.

Following in the footsteps of the early adopters of ‘Lean’, many companies today still focus on efficiency, cost cutting, new efficient systems and processes etc  but then get stuck with no where to turn as they forgot to engage the important other ‘e’ – be effective.

But back to better times – just exactly when will that be? Does your strategy allow for it, forecast it or have you just tactics as strategy has fallen off the agenda, for the time being?

Evidence is growing that ‘Innovative Leadership’ is fast becoming key to growth. So just how do you create the freedom to innovate when leaders are already too busy?

Like the best things the answer is remarkable simple – as one comment often made about the Mind Fit approach says “common sense but not common practice” – get Mind Fit first and you and your team will make the opportunity to innovate.

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The joint seminar : 

Attendees will gain a unique insight to gain competitive advantage in their business as:

1. Growth is most likely to come from different and better use of current resources, chiefly themselves.

2. The problem for leaders is how to get more and different outcomes for less by understanding how to use their own psychology to change behaviours.

3. Champions are the product of the ability to focus and control their own minds and fears to deliver outstanding behaviours plus technique under difficult circumstances.

4. Leaders in difficult times are going to be able to lead themselves and also influence the behaviours of those around them.





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