Are you ready for Coaching?

Ready for Coaching?

Not everyone is by the way – in fact most aren’t. If that surprises you, what follows may be a challenge.

The following is a common response from the more informed groups in the market :stagecoach

“At least for executive/ business (rather than sports) coaching there is a sense that it is maturing as a field, but elements of the Wild West remain”

There are regular reviews and research performed about the effectiveness of training and personal development, and on occasion that steps into the effectiveness of coaching.

A recent study on coaching was made by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Without putting any spin or bias I suggest if you’re interested you read it here.

I’d be pleased to have your comment on it below.

We at Mind Fit believe coaching is an excellent way of “unlocking potential” in your organisation.

However, few are really ready and if you’d like to know whether you or your organisation is ready, and the way you can be better placed to take advantage of coaching then download this document.

There’s a place for coaching – but are you ready for coaching?

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