Behavioural waste will keep your Energy costs high

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behavioural wasteToday there are lots of cost reduction specialists in the market who can indeed cut your costs and make you happy. In that respect its efficient but how effective is it really?

To know how effective means the person looking at the options needs to know what you want from your service provider. That’s where the true specialists start to have real effect.

The true experts are committed to helping you have a successful businesses and stop you burning £10/£20/£50 notes because you don’t know who has the best deal for you – in other words they are reducing your waste. And not charging you a penny for it! Where’s the catch? There isn’t one, but you need to take some simple action.

Here’s a great example of a committed small business, an SME that specialises in stopping you waste money on high utility bills – if you do nothing it’s a classic example of behavioural waste. In an interview with Tim Weedon he said;

 “ We offer to get best utility costs for our clients at no expense to them. Just one look at a bill and we can advise whether a fair price is being charged or not. If not, we’ll suggest a better supplier and if the client takes the offer we get our commission from the new utility supplier. It’s the utilities company sales fee and it’s as easy as that. Nothing complicated. Our experience would suggest cost savings of on average 20%  for 96% of the clients we work with. And of course the big new thing is renewable energy sources and that is not just those attention grabbing Solar panels but a whole array of technologies that can cut your bills, improve your Carbon footprint and give you a certain “Green” cache, and the Government will help foot the bill in such a way that the project can be delivered to you cash positive.”

Tim has a wealth of knowledge of his subject and he mentioned research that suggests some 30% of UK businesses are being overcharged in respect to their contract terms for a variety of reasons including fast running meters!  Tim clearly doesn’t like waste and he‘s committed to get that money back for you too – sometimes going back as much as six years.

If you’re lucky enough to answer Tim’s call he will only tell you the truth – sometimes that hurts if you think you’ve been challenged. But he’s the specialist and cutting out your waste so you can spend it on other things you need and want.

So what will your behaviour be if he calls you? Listen or are you too busy?

Behavioural waste occurs for many reasons – procrastination is a wate of your time and might cost you even more if you then fail to act.

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