Is the Game of Golf Thriving?

The Game of Golf  should be First Choice shouldn’t it?


The Game of Golf is competing like never before on many levels

  • Mentally – golf is a challenging mental sport – mindset is important
  • Physically – even practising on the range is healthy exercise – living longer
  • Socially – the clubhouse scene has all ages, diversity and business opportunity

For  the young and old alike these ‘benefits’ are talked about everywhere so you would think it’s now for many, common sense to take up the game of golf.

Shouldn’t every golf course owner, PGA coach and the PGA be shouting about the virtues of golf at every opportunity?

Let’s deal with that later.

In the mean time it’s said that

The mind is the most formidable opponent a golfer confronts, so mastering the game of mental golf is essential.

The most valuable mental and social skills can be developed on the driving range and the golf course. For example if you have trouble concentrating you can turn that perceived weakness around by taking up the game of golf. Golfers have to learn how to focus on the shot they have coming up and concentrate on choosing the right club, assessing the conditions and then on the fundamentals of their swing. If you think of all the other ‘soft’ skills including confidence, self-esteem, courage, self-discipline… and many more, golf has in abundance.


In the full article we explore all the benefits in more detail and the reality check of what’s actually happening – because golf is at risk from lots of competition not least with the choices young people have in today’s arena.  It’s challenging everyone’s mindset as playing golf is a commitment to time and becomes one choice of many options.

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