Mind Fit and the 4 Global Strengths – No3 Focus

Mind Fit Global Strength No3 Focus

Few use focus well

The ability to focus on what’s important is a skill we all have but few use it well. It’s pretty clear when the camera is out of focus as we see a blurred image. But everyday we’re faced with lots of choices and decisions and we can easily lose sight of what is important and what we should be focused on.

The key is to know what to focus on and when, in order to achieve the best outcome.

Some people prefer to think and focus very wide and in pictures. Others work in small and narrow bite-size chunks. Working with architects who build bridges, it soon becomes apparent that some of them start by imagining the end result whilst others build the end results by putting lots of pieces together. Two very different but very effective approaches.

Learning to control our focus, to maintain it on what is appropriate and to vary it as required is a considerable skill but once again, one that can be acquired through practice.

The following short video is great example of the consequences of not being focused.


Have you seen this lack of focus in yourself? In others? What different will it make?

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Without all 4 working together there’s no performance improvement.


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