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Behavioural Waste – why deal with it first?

David K. Williams, a Forbes.com writer, recently interviewed Neville Gaunt, CEO of Mind Fit about why it’s important to eliminate or significantly reduce negative behaviours before an organisation introduces any innovation or looks to change practices and grow.

David says in his article:

Nearly every behavioural or cultural issue within a company, such as conflict, avoidance, aggressive or passive aggressive behaviour, is the result of dysfunctional behaviour that can be identified and improved through attention to where people’s attitudes and thinking fall on the Mind Fit Map®.

and organisations who have introduced the Mind Fit Process internally know to be true. They also know that the process is guaranteed to be successful, giving a real ROI on the investment they make on the programme.

David also lists specific forms of Behavioural Waste™ that he sees prevalent in businesses today:

  • Ignoring and failing to address bullying behaviours
  • Allowing conflicts to grow and fester
  • Poor training that fails to produce and measure results
  • Obsolete working methods
  • Cynical attitudes or unwillingness to consider feedback
  • Overloading of capable individuals, considered easier to work with, rather than supporting or dealing with the issues lower performing individuals face


To read the full article in Forbes click on the following link or cut and paste into your browser

David Williams interview with Neville Gaunt



We’d like to thank David for his personal interest and writing such a clear and concise article for Forbes.com readers.

Special thanks are also to Cheryl Snapp Conner who introduced Neville Gaunt and David Williams in 2016.

Want your organisation to create the best platform, eliminate Behavioural Waste™ and build a culture of innovation, growth and much more?

As ever the choice is yours…. what is it?



David K. Williams

CEO of Fishbowl Inventory, in Orem, Utah. David is a serial entrepreneur, a contributor to Forbes and HBR, and the author of “The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning,” from Wiley & Sons. Readers can follow his weekly Forbes.com columns on life, leadership and entrepreneurship via Forbes.com (https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkwilliams/#9e802cf7bf74). They can learn more about his company, Fishbowl Inventory, by visiting www.FishbowlInventory.com.

Cheryl Snapp Conner  

CEO of SnappConner PR and Creator of Content University™

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