Mind Fit Golf For Kids

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“Our children have an excellent foundation for golf and learning. I have learned a lot too… and I don’t play golf… yet!” – Pippa from Chichester

“I’ve improved so much and have lots of fun. Thanks Mind Fit Golf!” – Max Herring



Mind Fit Golf For Kids is for 3+ year old children that want to play and enjoy the game of golf.

Golf is also great for building life skills: perseverance, commitment, courage, self-confidence, determination, focus and many more. All the skills employers want too!

Included in the book is a link to access a parent’s guide so you can encourage and coach your child on the simplicity of Mind Fit Golf.

Written in rhyme so young children can have fun reading too!
The game of golf
Is really quite simple
And can all be explained
By the size of a dimple.

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