Is your mind fit for golf? The missing link to your success…

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Is your mind fit for golf? The missing link to your success…

Golf can be the most rewarding and the most frustrating game. Golfers at any level will know it. This book gives you an insight into the mental part of the game and links it to your swing. The book explains that although mindset alone is important, what really counts is when you combine your actions, your swing, and your mindset. It’s a combination of science and being practical and you’ll see from what golfers say, it works.

Plus, if you’re a leader, it’s a leadership book too.



If you are after results and success – improving your game and having fun – then this book is for you, it does just that. For the novice it is simple to understand yet may be challenging for others. But it works. Some experienced golfers may be doing some of it without knowing.

The Mind Fit process has allowed me to hit the ball more consistently by removing the technical jargon which 99% of us find incomprehensible. My mind and body are now synchronised and focused on a single goal.

Alex Grundy, UK

Our children have been given an excellent foundation for golf and learning. I’ve learned a lot too and I don’t play golf…yet!

Pippa Reed-Harman, UK

As a seasoned golfer and corporate business professional, I have been applying many of the Mind Fit techniques without really knowing it. You can’t achieve success without them! Tony and Neville have combined forces to create a simple yet powerful book that is sure to improve your game and enhance your experience, both on and off the golf course.

Dave Shultz, California, USA

I now get the most out of every practise session. I no longer go to the range just to hit balls. I have a specific objective and the tools to ensure I learn from every shot, on the range and on the golf course.

Over two months in 2014 I played in 10 matches and achieved 4 wins, 5 seconds and a third place and my handicap has come down from 25 to 18!

John Dixon, UK


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