Are you a fish out of water? What do you believe?

Human beings, by changing the (inner beliefs) of their mind, can change the outer aspects of their lives.  Williams James c1890

If you are reading this it’s safe to say, you’re probably not a fish.

However, we are who we believe we are, not who we really are, or could be.

What we believe forms our attitudes, and our attitudes in action are our behaviours. Already a lot of people will be challenged by that statement – but it is true.

Some behaviours are good and some not so good, many become our habits and are so ingrained that we lose awareness of what we are actually doing and the consequences of that behaviour. Beliefs enable us to make decisions many of which are formed from past experiences and future expectations. Beliefs shape our world.

Beliefs are embedded, deep in our mind and are known to provide us with a sense of who we are, our view of others and how we operate in a complex world. Those beliefs enable us to construct internal maps of our own reality that in turn provide us with a means to both survive, or grow in an increasingly demanding world by informing us of where we are and how to operate in a specific context. Politicians, teachers, business consultants and doctors use them to predict the future. In fact, we all use beliefs to predict our future in everyday life often without really thinking about it. Maps enable us to predict, to explain, to inspire and build confidence.

The problem with beliefs – they limit your behaviour

Unfortunately, many people’s maps are flawed resulting in a ‘can’t do’ or ‘won’t do’ mindset that may manifest itself in apathetic characteristics’ or cynical attitudes and behaviours. Whatever, they make us uniquely individual and human.

Starting the solution  – populate your own MAP

The Mind Fit Map® which we use with everyone is an example of something that makes sense and is intuitively right for individuals (and teams and organisations). The Map is yours, you own it, so it must be right because you construct it and it lets you navigate the world you have constructed.

The Mind Fit process is based on individuals self-assessing and using the Map to identify where they are, where they are going and in which direction they are travelling. It’s not hard because unlike other maps, ours has only 3 choices – can’t do, won’t do, can do. You have the choice to change for the better and apply it as appropriate in your work or in your life. It enables people to select to change their old beliefs for better ones and behave accordingly.

Who knows why Henry Ford said “if you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right” – perhaps it’s a belief?

Download the Mind Fit Map here and start your own journey.



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