Is Your Mind Fit for golf?

Is your mind fit for golf can simply mean: Who turns up to Play?

No PictureWhat we all know is that when we go and play or practise golf, me, as in “my body” is always there. But who turns up? Which brain or mindset have you brought with you?

Now that is a question you could ask wherever you go – business, school, university…life. If you go to networking for instance, are you mentally prepared? Do you really know why you are there? Have you a clear agenda? A focus, a purpose, expectations? A headache…?

Simple questions but have you ever taken time to think about them , let alone answer them?

What top golf professionals do?

We’ve seen even the top professionals, men and women, left and right handed… turn up for a tournament and they look the same, sound the same, practice the same… but they don’t perform the way we expect them to. Not surprisingly, if they have a bad round they’d completely agree with you!

Sometimes the top professionals have a bad experience and they can’t control themselves.

Sometimes they recover and as we’ve seen in some tournaments, sometimes it gets worse.

Bounce-back-ability (accredited to Iain Dowie)

So when you’re having a bad day, bad round or whatever is going wrong, when do you bounce back? The word bounce-back-ability or is it a phrase (?) is all about your ability to bounce back and move forwards and it can be quicker than you think. Sometimes when you’re mindset is ‘fitter’ you might not even notice much has happen – you get over it without a problem. But on other occasions it can dwell on your mind and stick in for longer. Emotions can run high or low and play havoc with your thoughts. We’ve all been there! The video shows an extreme…

Now imagine all that is in the past. What if you have a process of feedback and not emotionally attacking yourself, where you can flipflop from a really bad shot to bouncing back and having your best game ever. Would you want that process so you could go and practise it? Embrace it so it’s all yours, forever, and by repetition and experimenting it becomes natural every time you make play golf?

Mindset … if you think you can …

If you’ve managed to ignore every golf pundit and professional saying it’s about having the right mindset in the last 10 years, then perhaps it’s time to start listening. Or if you’ve heard them and sagely nodded but haven’t a clue what it means to you or how you get the right mindset, then things might be about to change.

Because who turns up is all about the person, not just the body but the mindset too. Truth is you are likely to know that already. But this time we’ve a proven way that’s guaranteed to work – as long as you put the focused effort in.

For Kids (young and old) we launched a small book to help all golfers improve and it’s a fun read with a purpose.

Mind Fit Golf For Kids is now out with an introductory offer hereScreen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.28.30 pm

The game of golf is really quite simple, and can all be explained by the size of a dimple!

not just for kids but adults enjoy the read too, and it includes a parent’s guide.


Over 15 (fifteen) years in the making and a team effort to create it and publish it we’re now delighted to be launching at the London Golf Show 13th -15th November – not just a book but a handbook, your handbook and a guarantee of success.

Is Your Mind Fit For Golf?    Book Front Cover

The missing link to your success…

You can have a sneak preview with a free chapter available if you email us : Tony Westwood or Neville Gaunt at 

As ever you have a choice – the next step is up to you.

What others say…

“Being coached in the Mind Fit process has been the best decision I have ever made. My golf has improved significantly over the last two years”

 “The approach is refreshing, easy to understand and has given me the knowledge to improve my game – rather than simply becoming reliant on a coach to do it for me”

It’s a book about improving your game of golf.

But it’s also a book about improving you – your mindset.

Dr Gary Sharpe said “the book is life changing and I don’t play golf!”


Buy either or both books now 


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