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Personal Power Ebook.In today’s highly demanding environment, being able to perform to your best, inspire and engage each other in increasingly complex relationships, whether in teams or networks, is crucial. This book helps people to develop their capacity to be personally powerful, dynamic team members and exceptional leaders.
It will also meet many other requirements faced individuals and organisations today. As professionals in your field this book is designed to help you and build your business. It is also a life skill.

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Mind Fit For Success Book BuyThis book challenges the traditional approach to people development in business. It provides a compelling argument and evidence that giving people knowledge alone does not lead to attitude and behaviour change or tangible results.Today, people need to be agile, flexible, and adaptable to meet the unpredictable future caused by the worldwide economic collapse in 2007. Businesses also need to become more agile. Developing a “can do” mind-set is a prerequisite to all subsequent development and actions. It is the driver for change. Becoming “mind fit” is the start point.Buy From Amazon £13.95 BUY NOW