How Mind Fit is your team?

Behavioural waste is burning a permanent hole in your most valuable resource – people.

Businesses today are cutting down on behavioural waste at source and hiring on attitude and behaviour and not on skills and knowledge – according to recent research over 96% of companies now operate this way.

It’s ok for new hires to be ‘can do’ but how will they fit into your organisation? Have you a ‘can do’ culture already? How do you know?

There’s a simple questionnaire you can do yourself and see how Mind Fit your team are, download the Mind Fit Map here

What attitudes and behaviour prevails in your organisation?

  •  General lack of drive or energy
  •  People tend to be compliant
  •  Present at work but functions without involvement
  •  Easily overwhelmed with workloads or change
  •  High level of sickness

If that’s the case a sense of hopelessness pervades  – Can’t Do = helpless attitude and behaviours – behavioural waste pervades

or maybe here?

  •  Managers and leaders doing their own thing
  •  People have a cynical attitude
  •  Blame culture dominates
  •  Bullying and aggressive behaviours are too common

If that’s the case – Won’t Do = defensive attitude and behaviours – behavioural waste pervades

or maybe everyone is here?

  •  We’ve a happy, focused team
  •  Clear sense of purpose
  •  Driven to succeed by seeking opportunities to add value

Can Do = Mind Fit attitudes and behaviours

or as in most cases you have a mixture of can do, can’t do and won’t do? 

If you want to know where your organisation fits and see how Mind Fit your team are, download the Mind Fit Map here . 

When you’ve had time to assess your organisation, ask yourself:  how much behavioural waste have we got to deal with?, and just how much is it costing us, financially?

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