Mind Fit for Golfers

Tony Westwood - Golf Pro.

Mind Fit for Golfers

Improve Your Golf, and Your Business

Monday 10th June 2013

Venue: Chichester Golf Club, Hunston Village, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1AX

Duration/Time: 3 hour session: Bring a 7 iron!

Choice of: Morning 10am-1pm or Afternoon  2pm-5pm 

Cost: £97

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Tony Westwood

Tony Westwood - Golf Pro.PGA Qualified 1988 – started playing golf aged 4, turned Professional 1985

Westwood Golf Academy, Chichester Golf Club

Compere at:

  • London Golf Show 2011
  • National Golf Show & London Golf Show 2012
  • Manchester Golf Show 2013 

Other Qualifications: NLP Sports and Master Practitioner, Qualified Hypnotist, Engineering Fitter.

Graham Williams

Graham Williams.Graham has in-depth personal experience of coaching and developing inspirational leaders, high performing teams and exceptional individuals in both work and physical environments.

His sporting achievements encompass alpine mountaineering and as leader of a skydiving team. During his career in the Police Service, he was among the first to embrace a coaching style of leadership and devolved decision-making.

Graham has a real belief that people have a huge potential to grow and deliver far beyond the level they currently operate. His curiosity caused him to seek alternative approaches to developing high performing people, leaders and teams. This journey of discovery encompassed psychology, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP), and other developments. All had something missing until he discovered Mind Fit – as we discover more from neuroscience, the Mind Fit journey continues.

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Event Ended. Please Contact Us for future dates.

Mind Fit For Success Testimonial.“Graham introduces a breathtaking model for personal insight into success and performance, a tool for understanding one’s own, and others’ behaviour through his Personal Profile Map.

Graham’s Map opens up the core dynamic that entrepreneurs and leaders in failing organisations must address: the issue of how Helplessness and Defensiveness keeps people trapped in negative cycles of dependency under paternalistic managers; and how this negative energy needs to be transformed into Powerfulness in order to innovate and grow the business.”

Prof. Victor Newman

Professor Of Knowledge & Innovation Management

Mind Fit For Success Testimonial.“In many years’ experience as a purchaser, and now provider, of learning and development services, I have always been concerned that something was missing: that magic extra ingredient to ensure the learning would be put into practice.

Now with the concept of Mind Fitness, Graham Williams gives us the answer, challenging the conventional approach to training that, as few acknowledge, doesn’t work. As the examples in the book show, learning the Mind Fit way is life changing!”

Paul Holmes, BSc, PhD, FCIWEM, C.Env, MCMI

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