Talent management is important – so how talented are you?

We’re told Talent Management is really important to business success.

So do we know how talented we are and where the talented people are in the organisation?

There is a growing belief among the specialists in the field of human behaviour, that it is only a minority of people that are true to themselves. They know they are talented. The majority of the people in the world just function, get on with it and go through the motions.

Many people don’t really know whether they are talented or not. But it is a fact that human resources are like natural resources – ¬†they are buried deep and you have to look for them. Ask someone in the oil and gas or water industry, they’ll tell you that a lot of the time you drill for it and come up with something you didn’t expect. It’s probably why business change focuses on systems and processes because the people element is just too much hard work.

According to some, including Sir Ken Robinson, Education has done the opposite of what was intended and dislocated people from their natural talents. These are the very talents that businesses need to be successful. Businesses can’t wait for more education reform or revolution, as organisations need solutions to talent management now!

There are talented people throughout your organisation – in fact they are all talented, they just need you to help them in finding how talented they are.

Mind Fit is the prequel to success – it will identify and solve your talent management strategy.

Everyone is talented – we think so – how about you?

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