Picture yourself on the Mind Fit Map

mind fit mapDo you thrive on complexity and enjoy the challenge or have a tendency to be overwhelmed by it? We all rely on those that thrive on it to break it down into manageable chunks so the rest of us can make sense of it, and then get on with it.

So when it comes to the most complex of systems, YOU, questions like  “what makes you, you?” most of us will switch off, and revert to do what we’ve always done.

So here’s a quick way to see who you are. Put yourself on the Mind Fit MAP.


We are a result of our beliefs and experiences and high achievers or low achievers are created in the same way. By finding your default position, you can choose to change.

Why the Mind Fit Map?

We are all very complicated and unique, but despite all the complexity and difference there are only 3 routes our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours take us – 

‘can’t do’, ‘won’t do’ or ‘can do’

and that’s the reason for the Mind Fit Map – to help you turn complexity into a simple to use map, so you can achieve what you want to achieve.

So now ask yourself – when someone says something new or something you think you know, do you?

  •   ignore  – I’ve heard it before, it’s irrelevant to me
  •   avoid  – I’m too busy, can’t be bothered, I’ll wait until I’m told
  •   block  – we tried it and it didn’t work , we’ve too much to doing to take that on
  •   be curious – I wonder if we could do that, maybe it will help my colleague
  •   explore  – let’s see how it would look, who do we need to evaluate the options

Try it with your friends and your team – it’s a bit of fun but will tell you a lot. Remember, you weren’t born that way  and  it’s not hard wired, so you can change if you want to. We are mostly a result of what we have created.


Here’s some more of the Mind Fit Map


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